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Light Rabbit – Lighting Solutions through Energy Saving Devices

At Light Rabbit we bring you the most comprehensive lighting solutions with energy saving LED devices. Decades of experience in the industry made us aware of the energy conservation and eco protection needs. We put in all our experience and expertise in the research on best methods to enhance output with minimum input. Our focus has also been on enhancing the internal and external décor of your home through ambient lighting. Our research methods led us to some of the most innovative products for home and commercial lighting, spotlights, strip lights and product accessories. Today Light Rabbit is the leader in the smart LED solutions to all your home, office and commercial lighting needs.

Light Rabbit- Our Industry Profile

  • Extensive Research: – Our twin goal of designer lighting products and comprehensive energy saving led us into extensive research programs. Our solutions to complete home automation are rooted in the smart phone control systems. We enable you to control the entire switch and circuitry with just a few clicks in your phone. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi link and the Light Rabbit lighting products.
  • Extended Solutions: – Ambient lighting can enhance the home décor effects by multiple times. We specialize in product research for every location and room in your home. We start from the patio, move into the living room, walk through the drawing room, take a glimpse into the kitchen, analyze the bedroom and inspect the bathroom. Our virtual tour helps us determine the entire lighting needs for your home. We also calculate the best methods of energy and cost saving for your needs.
  • Experience and Expertise: – Our experience and expertise in home and commercial lighting have made us the current market leaders. We are able to bring you the global brands of products at highly economical costs.

Light Rabbit – Our Range of Products

  • Roof and Wall Lights: – The ranges of roof and wall LED lights at Light Rabbit include pendant, chandelier, wall mounted lights etc.
  • Floor Lights: – We bring you the entire range of floor lights in the form of floor lamps, garden lamps, patio lamps etc.
  • Focus and Spot lights: – The range of focus and spot lights is aimed at providing maximum security to your home and commercial buildings. Here we bring you flood lights, bay lights, search lights and others.
  • Smart Controls: – In this range we bring you the most sophisticated set of sensors which connect to your smart phone app. We have designed them to give you complete control over the lighting in your home.
  • Product diversity: – At Light Rabbit we have an ocean of product ranges to fulfill all the needs of your home and commercial constructions.

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